Here’s what Shelly B. said when I asked her to talk about her experience working with me:

My personal weight management journey is like many others… I was approaching 50, overweight most of my life, and working a sedentary job.  Years of dieting helped me to shed the weight but then the scale would start to creep up and I would have to do it all over again.  In my previous weight loss attempts I went on the “Slim Fast” diet, counted calories, added points, counted carbs on Atkins, went strict Paleo, and so on.  My determination would bring the weight down sometimes losing as much as 60 or more pounds at a time but the weight inevitably would come back.  I was really tired of working so hard to have my results last temporarily.


A few years ago the scale had crept up to my “danger” zone weight and I knew it was time to do something – again.  Since I had lost a lot of weight on the Atkins diet I started in once more.  Everything that went in my mouth was weighed and calculated for carbs and calories.  Everything.  Food was no longer enjoyable and so much of what I was eating was pre-packaged and Atkins-approved.  Blah!  I knew I could shed some of the weight yet again but I knew it would come back, too, and that’s what I really wanted to stop.


I needed help.  I needed someone to step in and help me recognize what I was doing wrong.  Bear in mind that I am one of those people who has NEVER stepped into a gym and I really wasn’t ready to start now.  I scoured the internet for answers and come to find out the very best weight management resource I had was in my own back yard.  Go figure!


Janine and I have been friends for years and I watched her battle very similar issues to what I was experiencing but she had issues even worse than mine.  She battled cancer and won.  Cancer almost claimed her life and yet here she is – vibrant, energetic, and full of life – so I had to ask her what her secret was because I wanted that, too.  Little did I know how tuned in to health she really was!


The more we talked about food and health and general well-being, the more I learned that Janine is, without a doubt, the most nutritionally knowledgeable person I know – ever (and that’s online and in person).  I really wanted to figure out how to make a permanent change and how to regain control so I wouldn’t gain and lose over and over and over any more and she truly was that key.

Janine and I talked, and through our conversations I opened up to her about my own concerns and issues.  She, in turn, took that information and helped me with a real and reasonable direction that was exactly what I was looking for and designed for me.  She helped me find solutions to everything I was so desperate to find and everything she said would happen, did.  I couldn’t believe it!


The great thing is she didn’t just “do” everything for me – she stood beside me and helped me every step of the way.  She gave me lots of resources, materials, recipes, meal plans, and suggestions along the way.  Janine was so easy to talk to during the whole process so whenever I felt defeated or negative about the process, she was there with positive encouragement and nudged me away from giving up.  I honestly will say that Janine has supported me completely as I walked my own unique road back to better health.


Fast forward to today.  I no longer count calories or carbs because I do not stress over them like I used to (anyone want to buy a food scale??).  I eat wonderfully delicious and totally nutritious real, whole food.  I personally love being in the kitchen and now dedicate my Sundays to cooking. You don’t have to spend that much time in the kitchen to be healthy, but I found it a passion! Quality food matters to me and fast food is not an acceptable option for me now.


Gluten is also not an option for me anymore and Janine helped me realize just how sick my body is when I eat foods containing gluten.  My digestive system is not only healed but now it works perfectly.  My skin is clear and my hair is super shiny.  I will be 50 in two months and I take NO prescription pills at all!  I now understand how important it is to put quality food and nutrients into my body.


I also have so much more energy now that I have started my own backyard urban chicken project and an organic garden!  Thanks to Janine and her vast knowledge of health and nutrition I now feel great and I think I look great even though I’m not a “perfect size 6”.  I love the way I feel and the way I look and I know my current healthy eating habits will easily stay with me for the rest of my life.  Thanks to Janine and The Eden Reboot, I have truly found my own Eden!


Shelly B.

From Kira L.


Started 16 strains of probiotics and digestive enzymes after the insistence of my mother (who runs The Eden Reboot).  Long story short; My sinus infection is finally clearing up and I’m feeling things I’ve not felt in years. Me thinks this may be what I’ve been missing for quite some time. If anyone is considering starting probiotics – I highly recommend it.

Kira L. – as posted on Facebook


While I mostly work with women, men can benefit from working with me also:

From Neil K.


Extensive Knowledge

One of the first things that impressed me with Janine was her extensive knowledge in every question I asked. One can tell right away she knows her stuff. She also realizes every person needs the right plan for them. The information provided was right for me – she even got me off Diet Cokes!! Janine is very friendly, easy to talk to and most importantly she listens. If you have ANY issue dealing with health and wellness, you would do yourself well by talking to Janine. Thank you Janine for all you’ve done for me.

Neil. K — from


(I just want to add here that I didn’t do anything for Neil except provide information and support. Neil himself was committed to his own health and made the changes in his own life. His body did the rest, because as for us all, our bodies will heal themselves if we give them what they need and stop giving them junk!)








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