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Reboot Your Life and Return to Health!

  • Are you finding yourself tired, when you wake up, by mid morning, or maybe all day long?

  • Do you want to know how to boost your energy?

  • Do you want to be healthier in general?

  • Do you look at yourself and wonder where that person you knew 20 years ago went?

  • Are you confused about all the nutritional advice and how to make it all work together?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the idea of changing your eating style?

  • Have you tried all the diets and none of them have worked?

  • Have you been through a health challenge and are now trying to find your way back?

  • Do you find yourself really depressed because you don’t think you’ll ever be able to change?

  • Have you lost hope?

    HOPE IS HERE!  You can find your way back to that healthier, more energetic YOU!This is where you can find the information and easy action steps you can take to get better! …How do I know?

Because I’ve done it!!!!                    YOU CAN TOO!                 It’s easy & I can show you how!!!


badge-vip-NAPWI have been chosen as one of the National Association of Professional Women’s

“Women Of The Year” for 2015-2016

I am so honored!



I found HOPE in my own life.

I was  250 lbs and was pronounced close to death from advanced breast cancer.

Now I weigh over 100 lbs less and live a full, healthy, energetic life.  

Click here to see some BEFORE pictures on the “My Story- A Reboot Journey” page.

I achieved it through a change in what I ate (not a diet, but just simple clean eating) and a perception of life, health and exercise that goes way beyond just the food.

I KNOW and can SHOW that this wellness can be achieved at one’s own level, at one’s own pace, starting from a point of health or sickness or recovery! YOU can be as active, fulfilled and vibrant now as you were before —  maybe even more than before,– no matter where you find yourself and when you decide to start!

Each step YOU  take toward wellness, is one step closer than yesterday.


It’s not just about the food, just like a garden isn’t just about the leaves on the trees!

Take a deep breath and return with me to the garden of possibilities, where life is new and full, food is plentiful and fresh, your body is bursting with energy, the sun shines even on the gloomiest of days!











In August 2015, I was featured in an article at belegendary.com, an online magazine dedicated to women’s health and well being. Read the Article HERE:

Lifestyle Reboot


You will find a wealth of information here. Use it like seeds to grow your own knowledge:

  • information on wellness topics that will help you educate yourself to be your own best health advocate
  • nutrition and FANTASTIC recipes
  • yoga and meditation,
  • growing your own food,
  • mind-body wellness information,
  • culturing and making your own foods
  • new ways to express yourself,
  • and more inspiration, physical, mental and emotional.

Experience it for yourself!  If you don’t know where to start.. this is a great place!
Contact me if you wish.  I can help.

Most importantly:      YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE!

Send me your health questions! I love being able to answer them.

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